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Guided Home

The project for Guided Home centred around the creation of a website designed to showcase their home handover app tailored for the residential market. This app is specifically crafted to support compliance with the latest standards, best practices, and NHBC (National House Building Council) regulations. The primary goal of the website was to effectively present the app and software to potential homebuyers and developers.

The website was designed with a focus on providing clear and comprehensive information about Guided Home’s home handover app. The content was structured to highlight key features, functionalities, and the benefits the app brings to both homeowners and developers in terms of compliance and quality standards.

Visual elements such as screenshots, graphics, and possibly video demonstrations were strategically incorporated to offer a visual representation of the app’s interface and capabilities. These elements aimed to engage visitors and convey the user-friendly aspects of the app.

The overall design of the website reflected professionalism and modernity, aligning with the technology-driven nature of Guided Home’s services. A user-friendly interface was implemented to ensure that potential users, including homebuyers and developers, could easily navigate through the website and access relevant information.

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