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For all one-time services like Website Design, Copywriting & Logo Design work we take payments via Bank transfer. For our monthly recurring services like our Website Maintenance & SEO we take payments via direct debit. We offer flexible payment terms to suit you. We offer instalments (when the value is over £1000) on start of project (this is usually a landing page) or on completion (once the design has been approved, not including content)

We do! We’ve created WordPress websites for Start-ups and small businesses all across the country since 2017, here are some of selected works.


We’ve built and maintained WordPress websites for Start-ups and SMEs and every single one has been truly unique. Every Website project is different and requires a unique approach. So, there’s no “set price” before finding out exactly what your needs are. To give you a rough idea though, most of our projects are between £250 – £2000+.

We do! We’ve created WordPress websites for Start-ups and small businesses all across the country since 2017, here are some of selected works.

Its always hard to say how long a project can take, because every Start-up is unique, some designs will take longer than others. But usually we can complete a website project within 1 – 5 weeks. Because of how fast we work, you can be online with a brand new website in no time at all allowing your Small Business to be visible on Google.

Our process from start to finish is as simple as can be for our clients. We usually have a discovery call to understand exactly what your needs are, what your looking for. Throughout the whole process you can ask as many questions and provide feedback live to your website design. You get notified about the progress of your new site through out. You can find out more about our Website design process here.

Because of our discovery call session, we understand exactly what you are after, we take inspiration from your personal preferences & competitors and create something truly unique. which is why 90% of the time, we receive fantastic feedback from our clients on the initial design. We always expect to make changes to the initial design as everyone has different ideas and visions. Which is why we have a discussion about your design and work on it until you love it.

Once your final invoice has been paid, the website is yours. We offer multiple ways of paying invoices. In parts or full on completion*. We do this because most Start-ups don’t have immediate excess capital lying around.

If you choose our Website Copywriting service, you will not have to provide us with content. The only content we would require from your side is the personal stuff. for example – YoE, services etc. we will handle the rest. If you do choose to write your own content, that absolutely fine aswell.

We do, paired with our Website Design & Content Writing Services we can make sure your website is highly optimised for Search engines. We offer On-page SEO services & Link Building services. We also offer one-off payments and monthly packages because not every Start-up can afford monthly payments, but we do highly recommend a monthly package as this will have the biggest impact.

99% of all our Website Projects are built using WordPress and Elementor PRO. We do in special cases use Shopify, Squarespace & Wix. But most are built using WordPress as its easier for the client to make changes in the future and we can provide a full service to each WordPress Website we create.

Website Copywriting

Before we start any content writing we research your local competitors, keywords and goals. With that information we can create website content that will outrank your competitors with SEO friendly content. 

Anyone who promises and guarantees you Rank 1 on Google is not being truthful. Getting Rank 1 on Google isn’t something someone can promise as there are a lot of factors to count. But we will position you best as possible. We look at current trends and focus on Local area keywords to position you higher in your area. Its a lot easier and cost efficient to focus on your local area first as the competition is lower, thus having a chance to rank higher, faster. 

Using SEMRUSH, we will conduct keyword research before starting any copywriting. We will find the most relevant and easiest keyword to rank for naturally without breaking the flow of the content.

We usually offer our Website Copywriting service to clients who have previously or are having a website built by us. The reason for this is because website are built different from agency to agency. Our Content Writing service determines the look of the site so everything falls into place perfectly. We do offer our Blog Writing Service which any client can purchase, no matter the website.

We do, we have written countless blogs for Start-ups in the United Kingdom, unlike our Copy Writing Service, you don’t have to have a website previously created by us. Using SEMRUSH we can create a highly optimised, keyword rich blog that has the opportunity to rank your website highly on Search Engines*. Our blogs can be a monthly package or a one-off, we recommend a monthly package to see the biggest impact.

Website Maintenance & Hosting

There are plenty of hosting companies that can host your website for £1 a month. but thats it, just hosting. You still need to manually check to see if your website is Live, has any broken links etc this can be very time consuming. If something goes wrong, most hosting companies require a huge fee to fix issues that are caused because of out of date plugins, themes. This is where our Maintenance service comes in, We host and maintain your website so you literally don’t have to worry about anything. 

Not at all, it’s totally optional. However, most of our clients choose to opt into a Maintenance plan as it saves them the stress and headache of maintaining it themselves. The benefit is we built the site, we know exactly what to look for if something goes wrong.

There are no fees involved, if you are wanting to stop the maintenance package or host elsewhere, we understand that sometimes circumstances change, we are always here to offer our service in the future.

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